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Thread: Duck Calls

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    Default Duck Calls

    Other than RNT or Echo which I have both. What are some high end calls that people are getting these days?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ze6464 View Post
    Other than RNT or Echo which I have both. What are some high end calls that people are getting these days?
    Zink, Gaston, Doc Hull, Ducklander (great prices for very good duck hunting calls), Lares, CCC and about 100 others. good place to hear about and see calls is at

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    Lynch mob calls are what I blow. You couldn't get a better call or a better group of people to deal with! My son and I were at a show where they had a booth set up, George Lynch (the owner of the company) spent over a half hour helping my son and I sound more authentic. They may be a little pricey but you get what you pay for when it comes to calls.

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    I have probably had %80 of the calls on todays market, I have had and sold 4 Hobo ICU 2's but kept coming back to one, this year i bought one new in the colors i wanted then scratched it so i couldnt sell it.
    TO ME it is bar none the best double reed out there, but thats only MY opinion

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    If you get a chance check out Buck Gardners Acrylic calls. The newest is the slampiece. It is the real deal!

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    Echo Calls. I started building my own calls, and the help that i recieved from these guys was outstanding! I'm sure other call makers have the same service, however, i never called anyone else because these guys treated me so well. jmo
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    My go to call is a C&S i have a custom made call from Tasmanian Black Heart. Mike is a great guy and produces great calls.
    Here's my C&S.

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    Duck calls are a lot like e-collars or pickup trucks.

    Some like blondes, some like brunettes.

    I find that the more skilled you are as a caller, the more you are able to discern what calls you like the best and what fits you the best. I think many callers find that the call they loved as a beginner, turns out to be not so functional and versatile once they master the basics and learn to do some more advanced stuff.

    Duck calls are alot like the perfect pair of athletic shoes. Just because you wear a 10 medium today, does not mean that the "exact same" 10 medium in the same model and color, ordered online or via mail order will fit you the same. There is plenty of variability from unit to unit, even if they are the same model, color etc.

    That said: My suggestion is you go to a show, go to a shop, go to a seminar, and pick through what the callmaker brought. Find one that fits you.

    The only way to get one mail order is to get about 6 to 12 of the same model shipped to you, pick through and hopefully find the best, and return the rest. You usually need to be connected somehow to get a callmaker to do this for you. The next best thing is to go to the inventory and blow, blow blow.

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    Take a look at KES Waterfowlers. Fantastic and affordable. Highly recommended.

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    have hunted with guys that can make a Haydel DR-85 or a PS Olt (both about 20 bucks) sound like Lee Loughnane on trumpet (from the musical group Chicago)
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