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Thread: Duck Calls

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    BUCK GARDNERS top of the line. You can't beat it..

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    Too many great callmakers to list. It ain't like the wheel is re-invented everytime a new call pops up on the market. Only so many ways to cut, drill and sand a toneboard. The barrels are just the callmakers signature. The younger kids today are what has driven callmakers to get extreme with their graphics and design as well as outside the box choices of acrylic rods to turn. Callmaking isn't just an art form anymore it has, just like everything else waterfowl related, gone commercial...waaay commercial with skulls and flames and crossbones engraved on the barrels and inserts. Guess I'm just too old school to mess with any of that. I like Echo. Rick's calls produce a good sound, simple in design yet stylish lines. The XLT is prolly their most versatile call. RNT has a good thing going on as well. Their new Diablo DS has alot of hold which creates a great cajun squeal to mimic that old hen with a throat full of akerns. Like others have said, go to a show and find one that fits your liking.

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