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Thread: Just for FUN!!!!

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    Your red responses on wrong. Care to try again...use blue this time.

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    Got us out of the recession (Really, I guess the middle class is fine)

    Saved countless jobs by working with GM and Crysler (Bailed them out of miss management with tax payers paying the way)

    Assisted in reform of the financial system (Bailed them out of fraud and deceit with tax payers paying the way)

    Pass a healthcare plan that provides insurance to folks with pre-existing illness and for folks that don't have insurance ( majority of citizens said no thank you and he gutted medicare for 700 billion to pay for it)

    ended war in Iraq (we are still there, not over yet. Oh wait it is over because Obama said so. To bad for the military that is still fighting and dying)

    Order the sucessful raid that kill Bin Laden (That was real hard. He got punked into it by Hilliary and than gave it up to the media and ruined way to much intel. Still leaking secrets too)

    Helped people stay in their homes and not lose them to foreclosure (this would be the people that could not afford their homes to begin with, should not have been given the loans that caused the banking system to crash, and did it on the tax payers back, again)

    passed the small business bill that has helped many start new business and expand their business (would this be the small businesses in alternate energy that have folded?)

    passed stem cell research (this should not have happened. Playing god is a bad thing)

    kept us out of any new wars (Really, Libya, sound familiar, or is that F-15 crashed in the desert a figment of our imagination)

    navigated us through one of the largest disasters BP Horizon ( I think he did not do anything here but get in the way with his hired guns the EPA)

    expanded alternative energy ( WOW, how many of these companies have folded at the tax payer expense)

    increase oil production in us (I think you need to look real hard at this. A certain pipe line keeps coming to mind.)

    Do I need to keep going? You made it to easy Sambo. Try harder to get something that can not be disputed

    Time to go feed and air the kennel. Oh wait I didn't start this business someone else did


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    Obviously you are going to believe what you want to believe...even though it's wrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by sambo View Post
    Your red responses on wrong. Care to try again...use blue this time.
    Thats really all you got? Please do try and refute any of the red responses from either me or Franco....

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    since he got us out of the recession how are we currently looking?
    Since he saved GM and Chrysler how are they doing now?
    Since he gave Insurane to everyone how are your rates looking?
    How are those alternative energy companies doing? Were they a good investment?

    But then again, Let's see those tax returns!!!!!!!!
    My Father,My Friend,My teacher,and now My Angel~ 04/21/1956-03/21/2011 You will always be missed. I hope to learn half of the stuff you knew.

    ~Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted~

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