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Thread: Return of Normal

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    Homeland security issued a statement saying there may be anarchist extremists at the RNC that may throw molotov cocktails or acid filled eggs. I hope there are cops with real bullets and they are not afraid to use them. Obama will not bring us back to normal anything but......This is the America we want?
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    Is this deja vu of the 60s?
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    Makes me sick. Obama has the nerve to send Biden to Tampa on the opening day of the RNC something no other Pres has ever done, usually its a mutual respect for the other party to give them their time. He only knows how to play dirty, he stays in the gutter. He is a bad guy. Its so sad to see the condition were are in and yet people support this guy and want this type of America . Middle class income has dropped the lowest in decades and he and Biden are out there telling you we are doing great wait till unemployment hits over 9 % and we are in a recession I hope everybody loves him then. You vote for him you deserve what you get.
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