From The Daily Caller

There are a bit over 23 minutes of video in this interview. A very articulate black woman who worked for ACORN ... and was sued by ACORN as a result of her whistle-blowing activity.

It's worth listening to ...

One revelation was her mention of the Trayvon Martin incident (around the 21 minute mark). She said that back in the 90s there was a similar case. She notes that the attorneys representing the victim in that case were the same ones now representing Trayvon's parents. Involved in the 90s incident was Al Sharpton, and another young lawyer ... Barack Obama.

I believe her implication is that Obama knew exactly the incitement he was implementing when he made his comment about, "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin."

I haven't yet done a google on Anita, but another day when I have some time.