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Thread: "I'm willing to compromise ..."

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    Default "I'm willing to compromise ..."

    In an AP interview Obama stated:
    If Republicans are willing, Obama said, "I'm prepared to make a whole range of compromises" that could even rankle his own party. But he did not get specific.
    Is there any reason to believe that he will really do this? Didn't he promise unification in 2008? How can a campaign based on such divisiveness make one believe that the goal is unifying compromise?

    He has proven willing to rankle his own party, but so far it's been to take things farther left.
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    The 'Prince of Fools' thinks ALL of us are fools. As some posters have already acknowledged, since his lips were moving we can count on that to be a lie. I don't believe it, but then I'm still on the proper side of the grass.


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    My Uncle was a staunch conservative and voted
    straight line Republican until the day he died.
    Now, he votes Democrat.

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    And the "snake" said to Eve............................................... ..

    "Remember that character is far more important than intellect"
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    Quote Originally Posted by charly_t View Post
    And the "snake" said to Eve............................................... ..
    Read my lips no new.................

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    He will promise you the moon just dont kick him out of the WH. To little To late hit the road! We trust him as far as we could throw him. Partys over bo
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