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Thread: using a dremmel to trim dog nails

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    Default using a dremmel to trim dog nails

    Just checking to see what kind of dremmel some of the folks on
    here use to trim nails. And is there a special tool or do You use
    the sand paper. And where is the best place to purchase one?

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    Google or check YouTube. Alot of info there.
    Tom Dorroh

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    We use a cordless Dremmel that has 2 speeds, high & low. We use the low setting with the heavy grit sandpaper. Replace it after every 3rd or 4th use.
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    Any corded or cordless Dremel Tool will do.
    Simply use the sanding drum attachment. Each replacement drum lasts a long time.
    One note of caution.
    When you touch drum to dogs nail at high speed do not sand for more than 3 seconds. Heat build up will cause the dog some pain. So, after 3 sec move to next nail until you do them all. If nails are still too long repeat. If your dog pulls foot away you're probably sanding too long.
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    Quote Originally Posted by David McCracken View Post
    We use a cordless Dremmel that has 2 speeds, high & low. We use the low setting with the heavy grit sandpaper. Replace it after every 3rd or 4th use.
    I start them out on the low setting a few seconds at a time and give a treat every nail or every other nail so they don't freak out. After that, I go to the high setting as my experience has been you get less heat buildup that can cause pain to the dog since the friction time is shorter. On the high setting, I'm done with all four paws in less than two minutes as it's literally just a few seconds per nail.
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    Word to the Wise. If your dog has long hair (ie..a golden retriever) be careful not to get near the tail or back end when you are filing. On hair gets caught in the dremmel and it pulls the whole thing into the rest and then it's a major mess. Not that I would have any experience with that
    Julie Rihn

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    Quote Originally Posted by ehf View Post
    And where is the best place to purchase one?
    I purchased mine at Wal-Mart- battery operated. Haven't really changed the sandpaper very often. Use the fine grit.

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    I've trimmed nails for years with a Dremmel. I use a cordless on low. Have been advised that corded can be dangerous if you or the dog have long hair. Corded has more power. Cordless will quickly stop turning if hair winds around it. I use the coarse grit (#60, I think they call it) drum sander. Takes just a few seconds per nail. If it takes long enough to heat the nail significantly, you probably need to change the sandpaper drum.
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    Dremel Pet Nail Grooming Kit...4.8V, 2 speed, cordless, battery charger. Works great!
    Peg Willbond
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