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Thread: Obama Around the World

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    Default Obama Around the World

    Just read an article on CNN.com:


    that almost leads me to rethink my opinion of Obama. Turns out that the folks from the middle east, China, and Mexico don't particularly like him (which is certainly a point in his favor as far as I am concerned). That is, however, counterbalanced by the europeans' love for him (which is definitely a big point against him in my estimation). Interesting article anyway.
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    Middle East : Israel - doesnt trust him, the man has been in office for 4 yrs and has never traveled there, to them they are not a priority...the rest of the Middle East doesnt trust him because they are not sure if he is friend or foe depending on which side you are on, hard to tell if he sides with the rebels or those in office, Quadafy had to go, but the butality in which he was executed makes you wonder who the good guys really were, same can be said for Mubarak in Egypt, (which side did we back)...now Syria

    Mexico may like the liberal border stance but has to be worried about the economy, since apoor economy means less dollars being sent home by Mexican national reaping the benefits of near slave wages

    China figures if the US goes broke that they lose big while holding onto the IOU's, so they need a robust economy

    I obviously have no facts, figures or charts to back up these hypothesis, but bottom line is that the world needs a strong US economy in order to get their foreign aid and loans, and BHO is killing the goose that lays the golden eggs
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