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Thread: Rand Paul; Audit The Pentagon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmhr1 View Post
    Dont stop with the Pentagon, GSA I agree audit them all!
    while they are at it how about auditing the US Postal Service
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    They cant look into the Justice Dept or Homeland security because BO will raise his arm and sign an EX order just like a big ol protective daddy . The fish always stinks from the head.

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    Defense contractors are already audited constantly, all major manufacturing locations and support activities have onsite Defense Contract Audit Agency auditors and unscheduled compliance visits -- http://www.dcaa.mil/. Ask anyone who works in these facilities they can tell you the audits are extensive. What Senator Paul is proposing is and audit of the Departments themselves (the Government Departments not the contractors).

    The 1911 (.45 caliber) to a 9mm weapon was dictated by the requirement for commonality among NATO partners.
    At the time we were at the height of the Cold War. That is why NATO had and has as a standard 7.62mm, 5.56mm and 9mm for small arms.

    As for selection of the M9 over the Sig product (the Sig 226) in addition to the cost factor there was also a requirement for a factory to be built in the U.S. for production beyond a certain number of weapons, Sig at the time was unwilling to construct the facility in the U.S. for the production, Beretta agreed and only produced a small number of the weapons in Italy before transitioning production to the U.S. Sig has since built a facility in the U.S. and are producing handguns here.

    Sig was selected for a low production weapon, the M11 which is their 228 model and is essentially a shortened version of the 226 both in the handgrip and the barrel length. The M11 was fielded for undercover agents and other applications where concealability is a consideration. At one point the plan was for it to be a standard aircrew weapon it never was produced in numbers to support that application.

    I carried the 1911, M9 and M11 while on active duty. My favorite is the 1911 but a close second is the M11.

    QUOTE=BonMallari;1002946]I have no problem with auditing defense contractors, their lobbyists are some of the most corrupt that are out there...case in point, when the US Army decided to change from the .45 cal to the Beretta 92 9mm, the Sig - Sauer actually tested higher but Beretta was awarded the contract, there is a whole lot of waste in military/defense spending especially in high tech weaponry, the closure of bases done strictly based on which Senators who carry the most constituents or the most clout in Congress...and the list goes on[/QUOTE]

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