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Thread: Not Excited

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    Quote Originally Posted by huntinman View Post
    Let's see... I got it... Ron Paul!!

    hahahahha...too funny!

    THe sad truth is that RP was the ONLY candidate to submit not only a balanced budget for 2013 but one that actually reduced the deficit.

    He also voted against our expanded rolls in A;stan and Iraq, against Medicare Plan B, No Kid Left Behind. He was for the tax cuts.
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    "All those things bother me: The populism, the lying and the scapegoating and the xenophobia bother me, but then there’s a layer of incompetence here. I suppose, in a way, we should be thankful: If he had a coherent ideology, he’d probably be more dangerous." P J O'Rourke

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    Seems we are getting mixed signals from the WH BO said Saturday during a speech he will bring "ALL" the troops home from Afghanistan by 2014 now Jay Carney said the Pres didnt mean "ALL" the troops Could the Pres have lied?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gmhr1 View Post
    .... Could the Pres have lied?

    can't happen
    musta been the teleprompter kid
    all his fault, must be.
    "So what is big is not always the Trout nor the Deer but the chance, the being there. And what is full is not necessarily the creel nor the freezer, but the memory." ~ Aldo Leopold

    "The Greatest Obstacle to Discovery is not Ignorance -- It is the Illusion of Knowledge" ~ Daniel Boorstin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Franco View Post
    Someone left out the Clinton years!

    Yes, the debt was 10.6 TRILLION when Bush43 left office. It was ZERO when Bush43 took office. Today, it is 16 TRILLION.
    Some of that growth in the last 3.5 years can be attributed to Bush's policies like Medicare Plan B, two wars, tax cuts, No Child Left Behind. Bush was worse than Reagan when it came to deficit spending! Obama's deficits have been around 1.4 TRILLON a year and half of that are Bush's policies!!!
    You are confusing debt and deficit. The debt was absolutely NOT zero when Bush43 took office. Under Obama the debt has increased by more in four years than under Bush in eight years. These are the facts from the treasury and not "lies from Romney"...

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