by David Pietrusza - a story of the 1948 POTUS contest - this is the famous election where the talking heads all had Dewey beating Truman including the Tribune HL. The book is a slug at 412 pages but fascinating for one who wants a little history. Following are a few Highlights:

For Franco - Peter Seeger, a Henry Wallace (in a campaign run by the Commies) backer, singing "Dixie" to a hostile southern crowd & asking them to sing along with him as he recited verses unknown to them .

For those thinking people not paying Income Tax is new - there were 12 million of them not paying in 1948

& for those who thought Taft was conservative - the 80th congresses accomplishments -

the long term trend of extravagant & ill-advised executive action reversed - Good

Budget balanced & taxes reduced - Good

POTUS limited to 2 terms - Good

Assistance to vets their widows & orphans provided

Assistance to Ag & business enacted - we all see where that has gone

Elimination of poll tax as requisite to soldier voting

A reform of Labor Law -

A long range farm program enacted - This was at a time when a significant portion of the population were involved in in agriculture

Unification of armed services launched -

Military manpower act (the draft) enacted -

The UN fostered

A haven for displaced persons provided -

At least this is what they were proudest of - I know those were different times, but does anyone see the monstrosities that have grown from some of these programs???