OBAMACARE: insurance company refunds ?
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Thread: OBAMACARE: insurance company refunds ?

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    Default OBAMACARE: insurance company refunds ?

    I have been listening to the DNC speeches. Did I hear it said that insurance companies have been making refunds on premiums we have paid?

    Or did they say that insurance companies will be making refunds on premiums in the future?

    We have not received any refunds on our medical insurance premium. We pay the same amount every month. We are healthy. We have little medical care costs. Our insurance premium exceeds the cost of our medical care and has for years.

    What did change though is what is covered and the amount of coverage. Several months ago we got a letter outlining coverage changes. Coverage is less, not more. For example: they used to pay 80% for a mammogram. Now it is 60%.


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    We (I work for UnitedHealthcare/Pacificare) have been issuing MLR refund checks for a few months now.

    Maybe you haven't received any refunds because your carrier met the ratio requirements and is not required to issue a refund. sucks but that just means your company is within the profit requirements set forth by your fine government.
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    Google health insurance rebates...many articles
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    I'm with a Blue Cross/Shield program in PA & no refunds here either.

    While I hate it every time I've had to write the check over the past 30 years, one major illness would eat up all the premium I've paid in during that time.

    Obviously, the cost of health care is at the root of the increase in health insurance premiums. And for health insurors, as the population ages due to the "boomers", it won't get any better until that large segment of aging population begins to die off. Just actuarial facts.

    It would certainly help to work on the fraud and waste aspects within health care ... but nobody seems to have devoted as much attention to that. Tort reform would also help.
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