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Thread: Replacement Officials

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terri View Post
    Since the regular refs are on strike, but the players union is not honoring the strike how do they expect to get their demands met? Are there other unions supporting them?

    The regular Refs are banking on the replacement Refs being a complete fiasco. Anyone that watched the MNF game between the Ravens and Bengals can see just how bad the replacements are. The game was a joke! JUst wait until a large market loses a game because of bad calls and that is when the pressure will start being placed on the owners. However, just like our Presidential candidates, I suspect the fans will accept anything just as long as they get thier NFL Football.
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    If you think the NFL 'replacement' refs are bad, go watch or attend some MLB games and watch some NON-replacement officials screw up games, calls, balls, strikes, outs etc., etc., etc. What really chaps me about the arrogance of these officials is their ability to insert themselves into the game whenever they feel they aren't being respected enough. Doesn't matter if they were out of position to make the call, their "I'm God" attitude as they proceed to eject anyone that disagrees with them and points out their ineptness.

    Their days are numbered, in my opinion. Just a matter of time before electronic "ball & strike" calling is put into the game. It's just too easy to implement, and would have no interference with the game. The pitchers as well as the hitters would find something that consistent and accurate to be a blessing. It would actually save time, much like the HR replay that has settled many time consuming arguements.

    At the incredible costs of payroll and other team expenses, leading to increased costs to the fans that attend these games, having inept officials (and those abilities are getting worse every year) making calls that most fans in the stands can recognize as being a bad call, will hurry the usage of 'neutral, un-feeling' electronics into the game.

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