While AZ and other states are passing laws that are tougher on illegal immigration, CA is moving in the opposite direction. Even before the law goes into effect that are using "sanctuary" policies.

This is a letter to Gov. Brown from a father whose son was killed as a result of those policies. Actually, the victim was NOT the target. It was a case of mistaken identity. The victim was an upstanding young man who was being recruited by colleges to play football, and also had a solid academic record.

The bill has passed both houses of CA legislature; only a veto of Gov. Brown can stop it from becoming law. I do wonder if such a law could be "illegal" because it actually establishes the state refusing to cooperate with Federal immigration law? Will Holder sue CA? Lest one think that this would be a racist issue, the victim was a young, black man. This was a young man who was returning to his own home on his own street; nothing like the Trayvon Martin incident.

In 2008, my 17-year-old son Jamiel Jr., was brutally murdered just a few feet from his front door by an illegal alien.

Pedro Espinoza was not just any ordinary illegal alien. He was a member of the notorious 18th Street Gang and a member of a subgroup of that criminal organization noted for carrying out murders, often at random.

But the senselessness of Jamielís murder doesnít stop there. Just 36 hours before he gunned down my son, Espinoza had been released from the Los Angeles County jail in spite of the fact that he had a long history of violent crimes. Rather than handing him over to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for removal from the country, county authorities released him back onto the streets of Los Angeles and ultimately to the street on which my family had lived for almost 40 years.-

Now, just four years later, our legislature has approved AB 1081, also known as the Trust Act, which will make it extremely likely that other families will suffer the same fate that befell ours. The only thing standing between deportable criminals being turned loose all across California is Gov. Jerry Brown and his veto pen. For the sake of public safety, if not plain common sense, Gov. Brown must veto this irresponsible legislation.