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Thread: ACL injury

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    Howard I have to say what you've done was on the risky side and were lucky nothing went wrong.
    After TPLO, which involves sawing the tibia bone in two, the healing of that otomy takes every bit of 8 weeks.
    Professional rehab as I know it from the U Tenn program do have the dogs doing quite a bit by 8 weeks but unlimited field work at 8 weeks may be reckless.
    The fastest rehab I heard about was 10 weeks by the late John Sherman on a dog whose owner wanted to run the National. This was not home rehab but cutting edge stuff done but the best rehab doc.
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    Rehab is slow on this one....If there is meniscal injury too, that can cause some eventual arthritic buildup too. Rehab is tough, but make sure you do it all. I did it all myself both times. I had no access to an underwater treadmill. I did have access to a rehab pool though and as soon as we could, we swam. Start back to training was slow. I don't regret doing the surgeries. That first day or three is heart wrenching and nerve wracking though. Pain and walking on three legs.

    I bought this harness:

    on the vets recommendation for the first week or so. To help stabilize that uninjured let. 50% chance or better the other one is going to blow. Do what you can to prevent it.

    Sue Puff
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    To all that replied to my thread. Gracie is at VOSM now, just got the call that she is being prepped for surgury. I had the consultation with them last night and dropped her off. I came away very impressed with the facility, staff and Dr. He took the time to explain in detail what causes the injury, and went over the xrays of both knees with me. Unfortunately, although her left knee looks good now, he told me he would almost garauntee that it would rupture as well in the next 2-3 years. He showed me signs on the xray of it degrading and that she would fall within that 50% catagory. I almost feel like I should wait a few weeks and then get the left done as well just so she doesn't have to go through all of this rehab again in another couple years. The positives that came from yesterdays visit were that her hips and elbows look excellent so if we get her knees straight she shoud be in good shape for a few years. I like the fact that they offer a lifetime garauntee on the joint after surgery. It lets you know they are confident in their procedure and the results they've gotten. Thanks for the help getting me pointed in the right direction and wish Gracie luck.


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    Good luck on Gracie. My Soot had the TPLO at 4 1/2 and there was no rehab available but we followed the vet's recommendation. She is now 14+. According to the Vet/accupuncturist who has seen her since she was 10, she has very little arthritis at the surgery site. It has increased at elbows and wrists. She had always been a hard charging and leaping girl. She was in agility and took 7 months off and then jumped at a lower height. She did not retire until she was 10. Hope that Gracie does as well.

    Betty Knight

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    I am not an expert but I would follow the advice of others and write off this year. I would never consider exposing a dog to competition or hunting in less than 16 weeks post TPLO and conservatively not before 20 weeks, it is really a risk/reward issue. What could possibly be gained by a premature return to full work? If your answer is one or two hunts then you should rethink your priorities.

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    I wouldn't want them to do both at the same time unless there was a NEED to...I've done some rehab 2+ months post surgery on 2 dogs (I don't remember exactly when it was, not my dogs), it's quite a strain and they favor the leg still for at least another month before you really start to see improvement, the first one took longer than 3 months post surgery to really see less of a limp...the muscle tone on the surgery side was half the other side at best. I had no part of the first part of the rehab.
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    My lab pup had OCD surgery at VOSM by Dr Leasure this past May and after 12 weeks of rehab he is doing great. I live in LaPlata and it is a long drive to VOSM but well worth it. Good Luck.


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    My 5 1/2 yr lab is 3 weeks postop from her PTLO. We are rehabbing at home though do plan to start her for hydrotherapy next week. What type of home rehab have your vets recommended?

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    did I miss which procedure youre having done?
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    She had the TPLO on Tuesday. I picked her up last night (Wednesday). I had talked to them about leaving her there for a couple weeks to start her rehab, and he said he didn't really recommed it. He said I could leave her there, but the first two weeks he wanted her to rest more than anything. They gave me some streching excercises to do with her 3 times a day 15 minutes at a time. Some of the meds are really messing with her system. She ate a little last night and then I gave her the meds. This morning, she hadn't eaten any more and when I gave her the meds she vomited twice and looked pretty shaken. I will probably pick up some canned food to get her eating so she has food on her stomach. She is a pretty tough dog, never whimpered or whined once with the leg injury and still tried to run around and carry on normally, but the after affects of the surgury have her down more than I thought it would. Thanks for all of the advice and well wishes.


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