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Thread: Block v Bloc

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    Default Block v Bloc

    "Block can be a noun, a verb, or an adjective. Block has many different meanings but is not synonymous with bloc"

    While there is such a thing as a Block Vote,it is where one person votes, but their one vote is counted proportionately to the number of people they represent. but even in such a case this group is not considered as a voting block. They are still a voting bloc (see below)

    What there is though are groups of like minded individuals voting or having the propensity to vote en bloc , hence the term voting bloc.

    A block vote[/I]

    Given the above,

    Quote Originally Posted by Gerry Clinchy;1010927[B
    ]Even if women are one of the largest voting block, like any other block, they will not all vote the same! [/B]And if they are coming to the conclusion that women overwhelmingly support Obama, one would also have to look at the sampling of the poll.
    Given that to be considered a member of a voting bloc, the members of the group ,with a few isolated exceptions, vote en bloc, I find this statement to be incongruent .

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    You got us, John.
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    Grate grammar lesson. Considering the all to atrocious grammar frequently scene on this sight, your alot farther along then many are hear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HPL View Post
    Grate grammar lesson. Considering the all to atrocious grammar frequently scene on this sight, your alot farther along then many are hear.


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    the Block is a target that I shoot my arrows into, they are expensive but work extremely well as long as I can hit them

    The block is also something my Cowboys failed to do repeatedly against the Seahawks
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