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Thread: Ross Perot

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    Quote Originally Posted by featherqwest View Post
    Let me add that I worked for that company that ass created called EDS. The men were such bigots. I worked on the Base Realignment and Closure Committee. Do any of you people remember such a thing. Back during the Clinton era. I programmed many spreadsheets on the prices of things that they were stripping from the bases. I was defamed by my boss for wearing a nice pant suit into the office. I could wear whatever I wanted when I was at the gov offices along the beltway. This was in 1995. How do you think I felt after what happened to me to have a bastard boss tell me I had to wear a skirt. So before you post such dumb crap on this forum you need to think about your lady friends who served in the Military. Many of us don't appreciate it. Many of us worked hard and long just like the guys. Yes my legs are not blown off but it is a thing of respect. Don't defame anyone because of their sex. The women suffered just as bad as the Men during Desert Storm and other Wars of the past. I have met many women vets who served as nurses during WWII and Vietnam. They deserve some respect too!!
    Those who I know who post on this forum would not like that boss either. I grew up on a farm in the 30's, the women worked hard & in most cases were respected. I've spent a long time in this world & have met some talented ladies, also some not so talented who thought they were. When a person is told that they are to be given a pass, the not so talented, it creates a sour taste that has a habit of lingering long beyond the actual incident. We're all human .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Franco View Post
    Bill, you really are uninformed. Your post makes zero sense! I suggest you stop believing all those bogus emails you keep posting on here.

    Like we should believe your BS?
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