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Thread: Iran & Nukes?

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    "The bump in the road" Mr Obama is a TOMB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyD View Post
    Israel will nuke Iran if they are pushed to the brink. Then all Middle Eastern counties will then unleash an "unholy" war against Isreal and all countries that support Israel. All Islamic supporters including our "President" will consider Iranians as martyrs to Muslim culture/Muslim brotherhood, and will call Israels actions violent and over the top. The United States will be targeted as we have many Israeli/Jewish citizens and supporters. It would not suprise me if our President does not order military action againts Isreal to side with Middle Eastern run United Nations. Hold on tight if he'is re-elected...
    I'm no military expert, but it seems to me that if nukes are unleashed, those without them won't be major players in any conflict, so what the "rest of the middle east" does might not be a real concern. Pakistan is a known nuclear power, and as a muslem country I suppose that they might come to Iran's defense. However, there are at least a couple of things that could come in to play: 1. Iranians are Persians and look down on Arabs so not really loved by their Arab neighbors, and 2. Pakistan would have to be concerned about what reaction India might have.

    As far as targeting the US, I am pretty sure that we are already targeted and nobody over there has the ability to launch any kind of large attack against us at this point.
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    Iran will not attack the main land USA, but the bases and NATO bases in the middle east. They consider them to be part of the US, which they are because we have Americans living and working on them. My nephew happens to be in Afghanistan right now working. It is very hard to say how the other countries in the middle east will react to a conflict between Iran and Israel. Iranians are Persian, not Arab. Also they are not Sunni Muslims, but Shiite, besides several other religions (Jews, Christian, and others) . These two areas are very dividing. The people who hate Americans may pull for Iran, but the governments in the middle east will be glad to see both Iran and Israel gone. If Israel is going to attack Iran they need to do it before the election because if they wait until after Obama maybe reelected and he will do nothing for Israel. Before the election he will be forced to take sides and Israel may be able to force him to support them in a war with Iran. That support would be to encourage other middle eastern countries to stay out of the mix and to control their population. Not everyone in Iran is happy with their government. If our president would have given half as much support to the people of Iran who were protesting the fraudulent reelection of the little weasel as he did to the Arab spring we might not be in this situation. The Iranian people wanted to get rid of their dictator for a democratic government. That was when they wanted to elect a man instead of the Shah, but our government did not allow it. Then after so many years they tried again to replace the dictator, but they got a worse form of government- Islamic. Iran is a very good example of a country that is worse off today than it was under a dictator. Now Egypt is heading down that path and so are some other middle eastern countries.


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