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Thread: Tri-Tronics Holsters

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    I really like my Avery holster for my TT2 Flyway Special. When I went to the Flyway Special 3 The Avery holster didn't fit. Avery also said they were not going to make one to fit the new version. I've since gone to a TriTronics holster I bought from LCS. It works but no where near as nice as the old Avery one. I clip my holster to my Avery neoprene shell vest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Shaver View Post
    Me niether and I absolutely hate it hanging from my neck, calls and whistles are bad enough.
    I buy nothing but the carpentar style jeans. Transmitter fits perfectly in the little on the side of the right leg. Very easy access and it stays put when you want it to. Drives me nuts if I wear a regular pair of jeans when working a dog and have to stuff it in the back pocket.
    I keep my G3 transmitter in my hand at all times when training.

    When waterfowl hunting, I also don't want any more junk around my neck than I already have.

    I use an Avery Holster for the G3 transmitter. Then I use a carabeener clip and clip it to the left suspender strap on my waders. (I shoot right-handed and want that side clear)

    This keeps the transmitter in ready reach. If I'm wading above waist deep water, I'm sure to flip that holster up and over so the thing is inside my wader tops until I reach a lower spot.

    Ever since I read the story about the dog getting shocked by a transmitter dropped in saltwater, I'm extra careful to keep my transmitter dry at all times.


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