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Thread: Rare Coins gdg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Franco View Post
    False excitment, penny is made of steel though it doesn't have the same coloring as my other steel pennies of that era. inspired me. I got out some very old pennies and looked at them with a magnifing glass.
    None were good enough to even consider for a collecter. It was interesting though. Some of mine were found with the metal detecter so they are in very bad shape. I had no rare ones anyway.

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    Funny thing is that I have in bronze or copper 1941D, 1942D, 1944D, 1945D, 1946D and 1947D! The steel pennies that I have are all dated 1943, 1943D(2) and 1943S. The steel pennies are silver in color with tarnish around all the lettering edges but one that I thought was valuable is more bronze/copper in color than the rest of my steel pennies. I will get a second opinion. I tried to post a picture here but because I don't have a macro lens on my phone camera, it was too blurry to read.

    Goose, I have a little over 31 pounds of silver dollars, quarters and dimes pure silver stored in a 30cal. ammo can.
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    When my dad passed I found some old coins from the early 1800-1899 not many but a few cool 2 and 3 cent coins. I looked up a few but never really found out what they are really worth. kind of makes me want to go find out, although i would never sell them.

    The odd part is there are 4 random coins sealed in a cardboard sleeve, I thought it was a set but it is 4 very different coins that he decided to protect for some reason.
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    with the dollar going to be worthless you want all the silver and gold you can get bullion is fine and less dangerous than a rare coin.
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