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Thread: What Golden Retriever took an Open 3rd Last weekend? GOLDEN POM POMS PLEASE!!!!!!

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    Great job Susan, for you to put up this information!

    Chris and Clyde are one of the best teams in the entire country and that does include ALL the BLACK dogs as well. He is also one of neatest guys you would ever want to meet. I met Chris many years ago at a Lardy workshop, Chris and Clyde really did a wonderful job during the four days. At the end of the session Mike stated that he was not sure if Chris had read the small print when applying to the workshop because in it, it said that Mike had the option to keep with him any dog that he thought was worthy enough to be on his truck. He told Chris in a humorous way that he was sorry but Clyde would have to stay with him.

    Clyde stayed with Chris and has gotten where he is today due to his special talent and great training.

    Good for you my friend!

    (Chris A. and Bus were at the WS too showing us all how it was done. Remember the WB Chris?)

    Chris, you know what would of been FUN?,.....is if Susan would of been at the WS too!!!
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    That is awesome....such a difficult game....all amateur trained is sooo cool.

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