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Thread: Update - Dog has been diagnosed with Lymphoma!

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    Questions that I find helpful for people whose dogs have terminal illness, what would the dog choose if it had a choice and are you prolonging it's life for you or for the dog? It's an agonizing decision for all of us.

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    I'm very sorry, prayers are sent to you.

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    Thought this might be relevant

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    As others have posted, he will let you know when it is time to go.

    Had a dog a couple of years ago. Didn't act like himself all summer....growley which was not his nature at all--he was always a happy guy. Loose stools as the summer dragged on, which were uncommon for him. In late October of 2010, he started having really loose stools and we treated him with flagyl...some improvement but not a lot. Tried another round. Then, one friday in Nov. I was giving him some love and felt huge lymph nodes. Monday back to the vet, diagnosis lymphoma. Did tests and then chemo on Thurs. Friday he felt awesome. He ran through a field we always walked like he had done for years and I video-taped him. He was so happy. Sunday...different story...very tired. Went in on Monday for second chemo. Blood work was terrible. Turned out he had somewhat rare intestinal lymphoma and was bleeding internally. I am thinking the chemo ate away the cancer and his intestines?? We had to put him to sleep on Tues. Nothing more could be done. My big Fancy....what a gorgeously ripped 85- pound hunk of dog...and, yes, he was a male.

    So, enjoy him while you have him and do the right thing when the time comes.
    Bob/Ann Heise
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    I'm very sorry you got this diagnosis. I lost a 7 year old Golden, Toby, to lymphoma 10 months ago. The first symptom was complete lethargy, wouldn't even get up. We chose the prednisone route and a cancer starving, high calorie, high omega3 fat diet. The prednisone put him into remission quickly and the lymph nodes returned to normal size. Toby felt great, on top of the world due to the pred! The weight loss stopped and he eventually gained some weight back. I was told the average life expectancy after diagnosis was 5 weeks. We got 5 terrific months without a single symptom. He was doing so well i was starting to hope that he would be one of the ones who went for years on only the pred treatment. But, it was not to be. My only regret is that when he lost his remission I didn't know how quickly he would decline, it only took a day and I unintentionally broke my promise to him that I wouldn't let him suffer. May you get many, many more months with him.


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    They most definitely will tell you it is "time" if you'll listen. We went through it twice within 6 months with full brother and sister, the sister we had found out just the month before that she had lymphoma. She was doing "great" on Friday, Sat morning, she ate, but not as enthuastic as normal, Sat night, didn't eat at all. That night, she was up most of the night throwing up, the foamy yellow stuff, nothing solid. Sunday morning, she didn't want to go out to air, and had "that look" of please help me...this was the dog that accompanied me thourgh the hardest decade of my life thus far. Part of me died with her...my husband literally had to pick me up out of the grave after we put her there. Within 6 months, we had to make that decision with her full brother that was my husband's...I had taken care of him full time during those last few months, he had prostate issues that had taken him from 70-75 lbs to 45 lbs if I remember correctly. I was "making" him eat in the end and even though he was "my husband's" because I was the one taking care of him 24/7 for those last few months, it hurt just as bad to loose him....especially when he still was showing the heart to retrieve...he went after a bumper I threw and hit the fence (aluminum wire, wasn't hot at the time) just the impact knocked him off his feet, and I "knew" but didn't want to admit it, the husband had to make the call. Three weeks ago today, Millett "told me" that it was time. We had "ignored the signs"...instead of jumping on the bed, for the last 6-12 months, she would put her front feet up to be helped up more frequently than not. The last week or so, she had not been sleeping on the bed with me as normal, something told me to take her outside alone...I threw the bumper and she didn't go for it...normally for bumpers she wasn't "steady"...she WALKED to the bumper the second time I "released" her. The second toss, she walked three steps, then came back to me. We came back in, I sat on my bed and she just stood at the bedroom door, head hanging, looking at me. I "heard" it then, called her to me and helped her on the bed, coddled her and called to the vet to make an appointment that afternoon. I was "hoping" that there was a possibility of a tick borne disease (even though I had not seen any ticks on her) or something "off the wall", while knowing that more than likely it was "time" from what I felt from her. We went in, x-rays showed Spondylosis as well as a mass in the lungs (and I think a spot on the liver looking at the x-ray, it pretty much went to a blur after the mass in the lungs). The vet said she would most likely go downhill rapidly and in a short period of time...I had already helped her out of my car to go in, it was like the back legs just wouldn't "go". To help her on the bed, I had to help her front end up (where the week before, she could get her front feet on top of the mattress) as well as the back end. She was my husband's to start with (before we were together), but I ended up putting her SH title on her after the husband pretty much "gave up" on her. I was still so traumatized so to speak from loosing Sassy and Hickory, that I didn't really "think" I was as attached to Millett as much as I was...and I "knew" that it would prob be the end result of the visit, but again was in denial...even though I "thought" I was ready for it, I can tell you I broke down when she said what the x-ray revealed...when I called and made the appointment, I didn't say why, when asked when I got there, the reply was "probably what we all hate to have to do" and I so wish it wasn't the case. Unfortunately, I know I will prob be going though it again in the near future...we have 4 that are between the ages of almost 8-10 1/2. As seperate households, they were fairly evenly spaced, but with "combining packs" made for a lot of dogs close to the same age.

    The only thing I can recommend is keep him comfortable...the predisone can increase appetite (having had it myself as well as rx'd to dogs), so that is prob some of the appetite increase you're seeing. My heart goes out to you because I KNOW what you are going through. Lots of prayers and cyber hugs to out to you.
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    This thread wasnt sad enough- reading that last post put me over the top...... :****(
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    We are so sorry to read this. My husband and I both hope that your family will have more time to enjoy your dog and that you are able to go hunting with him...that meds give him as much quality time as possible..

    Hope you will let us know how it goes.

    Our best,

    Judy and Bob
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    well, we got all of the pathology reports back, and what got sent in, does not have lymphoma, but they said this can happen and want to do a full biopsy of his liver. I am not going to do chemo, so i am not going to do a full biopsy.

    The only other thing but cancer he could have (according to my vet, the internal specialist, and pathologist) is a liver fluke/parasite, which is not ever seen in this part of the country. but it is only $150 for meds to treat this, so we are taking him off of the prednisone, and trying this treatment.

    I know it is a .000000005% chance of actually being something other than cancer, but I owe it to him and myself to at least try it for the 7 days and see what happens. I've seen weirder things happen in my life...

    If there is no change in his diet, and stool/vomiting, then we will put him back on the prednisone and then take things day by day, part ways when it is the proper time.

    I am taking him out west hunting this weekend, even though we probably should take it easy, but I think he deserves to get some ducks in his mouth, since this could be his last trip ever.

    Thank you all for your support and recommendations through this trying time for my family and I.
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    Best of luck to you and enjoy every moment you have with him. Good thoughts coming your way.

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