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Thread: Where's the "Middle"

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    It is cheaper to use a pro...unless you have a whole bunch of dogs you are training.

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    I think you'd have to be at least "middle" middle class income to play with any seriousness.

    If you figure a min. of $2000/mo for the dog expenses (I said minimum), that $24K/year. Someone who trains their own dog and trials less frequently might be able to do it on somewhat less. Training your own hunt test dog, using only local entries, can put it within reach for many more people (I think we see evidence of that by the numbers of people involved in hunt tests).

    So, if you're spending $24,000 on dog games/toys, you'd probably need at least $75,000/year in income. I'd guess that most serious players make in excess of $100K/year. Those with several dogs running regularly probably have incomes substantially more than that.

    The late Mike Paterno, the owner of Dee's Dandy Dude, (and that was a long while ago), I was told, owned the company that had the contract for the maintenance of the sewer lines for NYC. His estate in Putnam County, NY, was dedicated to training his dogs; with a training pro who was on regular payroll and lived on the property. He owned heavy equipment that could move an island in a pond to suit training needs. Even that long ago, being a "big player" was not cheap. My SIL's brother was among the locals who sometimes went to shoot birds for the dogs' training.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzz View Post
    Currently I have two dogs that I've been running all-age. Raven has been double staked lately and I've been running Mick in the Am. That's 3 entry fees a week. Raven is with Steve, I train Mick, although he'll be in Texas for the winter along with Raven and her daughter Peerless. Peerless is 11 months old and I've been training her. She is behind in her yard work. Ideally she would be ready for swim-by and I'm just coming up on T. Holy crap, that cross between Willie and Raven produced a lot of dog... I have been getting to the blinds but not through them week after week. I am coming to the realization that it is going to take me considerably more trial experience to get dogs through all-age blinds. Trial experience doesn't come cheap. What a tough game... Maybe next summer I'll run some master tests to see if these trial dogs can do one.

    I'm not sure, but I sometimes I think it is cheaper to use a pro.
    a pro can buy you TIME..someone like yourself that is trying to run a business cant be in two places at once..I tried coordinating schedules for my brother and the numbers just didnt fit..trying to get him to the Open on Friday meant getting him out of the clinic by noon on Thurs (and thats just for the trial in SLC) anything farther meant no Dr on Thurs....

    Thats why we looked into me running Brig, but I paid my own expenses to run SLC last year (entry fees,motel,gas,food) and that cost me over $750 for two dogs/one stake

    I think in today's world it hard to even think about playing the FT circuit unless you make a solid six figures...it can be done for less, if you can live on PBJ sandwiches and stay at friends places, but double staking a dog and you're looking at a grand a weekend minimum..yikes
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    The dog thing deserves it's own thread, so I will start one! I'd like to hear more about the middle class .

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    Quote Originally Posted by road kill View Post
    OK, I'll reword it.

    To you, the people who pay the MOST taxes should have NO say in the tax code??

    That makes sense to you?????
    Do we include all or only some?

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    I think Americans are accustomed to the golden rule at this point.

    Now, how can we influence them? Or can we?
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    When Don and I were working, we were in the middle class (the middle class of the time period). I quit working and we thought we were in the lower end of middle class. When he retired and went on social security, we discovered we had slipped out of the middle class. We did not realize where we were until all the talk about how much income places you in the poverty class. If Social security is your only income, you are in the poverty level.

    EEEGADS, we might qualify for an Obama phone. We might even qualify for food stamps. We might even qualify for a free new refrigerator and reduced utility bills.

    Sign me up!

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