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Thread: Eukanuba Price Change

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    Default Eukanuba Price Change

    It happened again......ordered our usual 30 bags of Euk......price went up AGAIN. The increase totals $12 / bag since March. The most important part about BOTH of the increases was the lack of notice or communication about them. Neither time did we get any notification at all. I can understand, given we only spend about $ 3,000 / month on their products, why would they contact us?!

    When I ask the distributor, they point the finger at Euk, and Euk points the finger at the distributor. I realize that Euk is the one that went up, not the distributor. So to me, its their responsibility to notify their "influencers". We got a huge bunch of promises and support when we signed on, but all that has gone away. Our rep has disappeared and his superior is no help. Now we are hearing of a bag change on top of the increase.

    When a dog keeps making the same mistake, do we keep rewarding bad behavior?

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    I have fed and been very happy with EUK for the past 2 1/2 years, but can't afford to keep paying for it. Started the switch to Exclusive 2 weeks ago, $41 for 35# of their 30/20 and every 9th bag is free.

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    It suck for sure. I havn't had any issues with the food, but if it keeps on I may have to start looking for another brand.
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