Looking for Club around Sacramento, and trainer recomendations!
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Thread: Looking for Club around Sacramento, and trainer recomendations!

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    Default Looking for Club around Sacramento, and trainer recomendations!

    Hey all.. have a deposit down on a BLF. I wanted to see about dog training, trialing clubs around sac if anyone knows of one Sierra vista seems more obedience... and sac valley has no web presence or info I can find...? are there any others?

    Also, I have googled endlessly for trainers, and read a lot. I want someone local to sac, not only for gas, but because I would like to participate a lot, and a 3 hour round trip makes that really hard... Ca anyone point me towards someone sacramento area that is good?

    thanks! New to the site, feel like I am drinking from a fire hose!

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    for FT pros you have Billy Sargenti, Bill Totten (winters in the area), Josh Conrad (asst to Sargenti)..there are quite a few VERY GOOD to GREAT amateur trainers in the area, including Chris Hatch, Don Graves,Ray Goodrich (age 90+),Chad Costa,Michael Moore, Dr.Foster,Steve Bechtel,Gary Ahlgren there are also some very good female trainers in the area,Luann Pleasant,Sally Foster,Missy Bell, not sure if they base themselves out of there but them seem to run quite a few trials in the area..any of the above mentioned people will steer you in the right direction and accelerate your learning curve

    I would look at the San Jose Ret Club, the Lassen RC, Sagehens RC, Northern Calif RC.,Sierra Nevada RC,and Sacramento Valley RC
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    The clubs mentioned are good.Most of the amateurs are at least 1 + hours away.Luann is a good pro and has some nice young dogs, Billy Sargenti very good, both in Oakdale.Get ahold of Judy Pond at Duckpond kennels in Elk Grove.She knows most everybody around.
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