Judging Back to Back at Same Level in AKC HT's
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Thread: Judging Back to Back at Same Level in AKC HT's

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    Default Judging Back to Back at Same Level in AKC HT's

    I noticed that at least one judge was listed as judging Master on Thursday and then Master on Saturday at same test in Feb. I thought AKC said you could not judge back to back at same level?? Is it because it is Master? It would really help the clubs if we could get the newbie judges to judge junior both days rather than only limiting them to judging 1 day because of the new rules. If it is ok to judge master back to back why not junior back to back? trying to figure out most efficient use of judges..

    Thank you
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    I think this may be because it is set up as two different events. If both Masters are listed under the same event, it would not be allowed, but they may be getting around the rules with two event numbers. Although I still believe this would not be allowed, the work around may be the separate event numbers

    You are right. It would be easier to allow the same judge to do both juniors based on the new rules.

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    No, has nothing to do with different event numbers. Two Juniors have different event numbers....still not allowed. I have been told that this is going to be up for review this year to consider changing this rule. Not sure how you could get away with it at Master either???

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    Is it possibly that they will not be judging the same dogs at the same level? In other words are there multiple flights eac day?? Our club has had the same people judge junior both days of a weekend event when we've had to split Junior into Flights A & B and we've always had this approved by AKC.
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