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Thread: 2013 MN Judges

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    Default 2013 MN Judges

    Has anyone seen the final slate of judges for 2013? The ones delegates will be voting for at this years MN.
    Tom Dorroh
    Boston, GA

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    Typed verbatim from the 2012 annual meeting notice I received.

    Region 1, Ballot 1: Aurelia Carter, Robert Rascoe, Laurice E. Williams
    Region 1, Ballot 2: John Marchica, Mary Williams

    Region 2, Ballot 1: Charles Fontenot, Bob May
    Region 1, Ballot 2: Corrine Clavey, Dewayne Bickle

    Region 3, Ballot 1: Ed Arnett, David Christianson, Allyn Foster, Jeff Schoonover (choose two)

    Region 4, Ballot 1: Mike Collison, Laura Judd

    Region 1, Ballot 2: Julie Cairns, Bill Largent

    "A note of explanation for ballot #2: When the MNRC board made the decision to run the event as a four way split it became necessary to implement a method of choosing an extra set of judges. The MNRC decided that it was desirable to have judges with prior MNRC judging experience represented and the event. Ballot 2 consists of prior MNRC judges. However, this year no person from Region #3 with prior MNRC experience was willing to judge the 2013 event. As a result, two people from Region 3 Ballot 1 will be elected to judge the 2013 event"
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