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Thread: Missing the boat

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    Default Missing the boat


    hopefully one of our trusty fact checkers here can scan thru this and give us a report.
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    I heard on radio as well about the fact that the same was true of donations in 2008. With talk of "October surprise", this could be one of the stories to come out. It was mentioned back in 08, but glossed over.

    Also, Lara Logan, a CBS reporter, who was gang-raped in Libya, (not much in the mainstream media about that & the fact that she spent 4 days in a hospital as a result of the assault) spoke to a group of about 1000 Democrats in Chicago, and told them that our ME policy is a lie, total failure ... A-Q and Taliban are back in strength and hate the US just as much as they ever did.

    More info on the Libyan embassy assault indicates the ambassador actually asked for increased security, and instead security was actually reduced.

    Another new revelation is that the "Obamaphones" are a financial windfall for Trac-Phone which provides a lot of those phones ... and the owners of that company just happen to be large Obama donors; and wife is an Obama fund-raising "bundler" who has raised $1.5 million for O since 2007.
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