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Thread: Phony in the Kitchen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Bora View Post
    what breed of puppy is he holding?
    Puppy? That's a full grown Doberman!
    Bill Davis

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    Quote Originally Posted by menmon View Post
    Ryan washing clean pots and pans. Clearly confirms that he is not willing to dirty his hands for the poor or the middle class.
    So you object to the fact that the VP candidate apparently didn't dirty his hands in a photo op. But no doubt you thought it was a grand idea your hero BHO wasted millions and scared the crap out of people by flying Air Force One over New York City for a photo op. Frankly I find BHO's actions far more offensive than Candidate Ryan's--I don't care what candidates do with campaign money they raised, but I do care what the POTUS does with taxpayer money.
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    Obama and Hillary wasted 70K dollars for an apology ad for the you tube video when no opology was needed that was an expensive photo op
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    Quote Originally Posted by gmhr1 View Post
    Obama and Hillary wasted 70 Million dollars for an apology ad for the you tube video when no apology was needed that was an expensive photo op
    correction I think it was only 70K, still no drop in the bucket, but it was a waste
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    Quote Originally Posted by lanse brown View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by caryalsobrook View Post
    But his wife wants to ban pizzzs from the schools. Go figure.
    Just as with Marie Antoinette's evil line line "let them eat cake", Michelle Obama can use the line "let htem eat kale". 600 calorie lunches for high school students? How arrogant can one person get?
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    Your right 70K he would have spent 70 million without blinking an eye

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