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Thread: Prayers Please!!!

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    ^^^.. Agreed. I've never been accused of being a wordsmith or carefull with my words. But in the long run if you can't do what is best for spook ,do what is right. Its easy to offer advise from a computer to someone you have never met. But its a situation alot have been in. In the end you have to make that call. Prayers
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    Prayers sent to you both

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    I bookmarked this link quite some time ago, but there may be an organization in this list that could help you out with the cost of surgery. It is worth checking out.

    Deb Anderson

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    I am like several others you do what you can that benefits the dog. You are doing the best that you can do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by afairchild0103 View Post
    Surgery is just too expensive. From what my vet told me he recommended was a specialist and he said that bill would run atleast $3000. He said if he would do it he would charge minumum of $1200 but he's done very few of them and none have been recent. He was very honest and said he wouldn't be comfortable doing it and he couldn't even gaurantee he could bring Spook back to decent health for just a pet. I have the x-rays and him looking around. I'll attach the x-ray below. If anyone has had any experience with this it would be much appreciated.
    There is a credit card out there just for vet bills. You might think of asking about that as an option.
    Good luck

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    Thanks for the support and prayers. Spooks relaxed and crated at home. He really is a tuff dog and doesn't show signs of pain. He can walk, when i take him outside to use the restroom without too much pain. When I walk into the bathroom he sits up and wags his tail. I know he loves hunting, but he's also a family dog that loves being with people. I'm not a vet and I still have months of praying to do, but if I were a betting man i'd bet spook will make it through it and prolly be able to live atleast the normal life of a pet. Hunting is another question with all the stress he will put on the pelvis. As long as he heels with no pain in the end my prayers have been answered. Like I said he's happy and relaxed at home showing no signs of pain, only signs of boredom from being couped up all day. My training isn't done. I've decided if he can't hunt, i'm going to train him to be the smartest pup in the world.

    Thanks to all,
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rainmaker View Post
    ..... But, at 23? I wouldn't have had the resources either.........

    nope, not me ether.
    And at that age I was fresh out of home were my Dad, a hound feller would have used a .22 and a ride in the bucket of the tractor for a dog in such a way.

    Very happy you are able to keep him a bit comfie Andrew.
    Hoping the very best. Good Luck Spook!
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    Prayers sent your way! I hope everything turns out ok for both you and Spook!
    God bless!- Jamee

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