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Thread: CA. official whose agency under-reported unemployment stats was Obama campaign donor

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    Default CA. official whose agency under-reported unemployment stats was Obama campaign donor

    Surprise, surprise, surprise.....


    Gregg Re
    Associate Editor

    Marty Morgenstern, the secretary of the California agency that substantially under-reported unemployment claims last week, contributed to President Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential election campaign, The Daily Caller has learned.

    On Oct. 11, the federal government reported that weekly jobless claims were down significantly, suggesting a dramatic national increase in economic growth and a steep decline in layoffs. Jobless claims, according to the Labor Department, had fallen by 30,000 to 339,000, their lowest level since February 2008.

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    The 'wheels' on this oligarchy's bus are starting to fall off. Those that are unemployed aren't buying those reports, regardless of how "suddenly rosey" the numbers are. It's my belief that the Americans that will be voting soon have had all they can stand of these made-up reports, skewed numbers, and just plain lies from this White House and the sycophants in the MSP.

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    The rot just doesn't stop all this because ther are no consequences or as Obama likes to say lets move on. How about you move out!
    RIP Bear.

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