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Thread: EE- event closed last night at 20 dogs and just a minute ago 22

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    Quote Originally Posted by savage25xtreme View Post
    All I want for Christmas is a search function in EE that works.
    Does Santa Clause read RTF?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Granddaddy View Post
    ..... Proof is that clubs can still opt to handle there events in a direct, manual fashion. In that regard, I don't know if there is even one club that chooses to handle their events in a manual manner anymore.

    Gosh, does this mean I may enter the NAHRA Field Tests (the original hunt test) on the EE site now????
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    Sounds like Shayne was losing thousands every week. No wonder he sold it and no wonder he won't get paid for it..
    Why would someone just die for such a losing proposition. Does this belong on POTUS?
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    I am a secretary, I really don't care that EE is making some profit on the deal. They are providing an excellent service that makes my life easy. Point is they are making money, anyone who says otherwise is nuts. Would RN have bought them out otherwise? What does it matter if EE is breaking even when their parent company is increasing revenue?

    I just want a search function that works.
    Gavin B.

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    I may be nuts but I know of what I speak. Actually EE doesn't have a track record of making money, proof of why EE was sold to Retriever News. And The Retriever News, IMO, doesn't have a profit motive because its not their mission, they just want a break-even proposition to provide essential services in a reliable manner to the AKC clubs. Retriever News is a non-profit established for the benefit of the AKC FTs & HTs & the clubs that run the events. Owned by the AKC clubs as a collective group, the Retriever News sees the importance of the entry service and how it serves the community & centralizes performance record keeping, with which they are charged by the AKC. What I see as an outsider is a concerted effort to provide the clubs with a low-cost service to help promote the games & disseminate information.

    Sorry Ken, I should have been more percise...all AKC retriever events.
    David Didier, GA

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    Since when did making money become a crime? Think about this.....if EE has 2 full time employees in the office that are making $ 10.00 per hour that is around $ 61K per year for just those 2 employees (adding FICA, SUTA, WC Insurance, and considering 120 hours personal time). This means at $ 4.50 each it takes about 13,500 dogs to just pay the salaries of these 2.

    And you have to have some office space, office supplies, postage, printing, oh yeah....and site upgrades.

    Hope this helps some folks to understand some previous comments. I don't have anything to do with EE (personally or professionally). As a matter of fact my EE account is probably not even active any more as its been so long since i've used it.

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