...this is the first time in over 40 years that I'm spending this weekend at home...NOT hunting the pheasant opener in Sodak. No pity, please...I'll be going the last week of the month and into the first week of November, when some friends from Nebraska can get time off to join me.

Being at home has given me time to catch up on a lot of reading that's been stacking up awaiting my 'selection' for what stays and what is thrown. I came across an interesting article quoting from the Defense News that sorta intrigues me, in a sad way. According to this, there are about to be over 1 million defense-related job layoffs, many of which would hit workers in crucial political battleground states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida.

What's worse is that companies that do business with the federal government are regulated by the WARN act, and have to give notice 60 days before they hand out the pink slips. That means, within the next two weeks just think of the hundreds of thousands layoff notices coming from the big companies like Lockheed, Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, General Dynamics and more in shipyards, aircraft plants and vendors up and down the line. I would suspect the large majority of these lay-offs would be union workers...Machinists, Steelworkers, Laborers, etc.

Is it any wonder why the MSP and the regime are keeping this under wraps? NOT, that they haven't had plenty to answer to and cover up recently, but when the first notices start hitting the mail boxes, or the news comes out about a major manufacturer having to cancel a huge multi-billion dollar contract, and subsequently having to lay off many thousands of workers...in an election year...the front pages of the MSP will suddenly find a lot more to hide, so their precious messiah won't get beat up too badly.

But there's no time for schadenfreude, because this is only the beginning of pain for EVERYONE! Even the regime's CBO has predicted the U.S. economy will contract by .5% in 2013 if the Bush-era tax rates expire, and Obamacare starts to be enforced.

Wonder if the unionistas will re-consider their vote this November? My guess is, only if THEIR ox is being gored.