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Thread: I haven't heard this before

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    My dog barks every time someone knocks on the door he even barks when he hears someone on the TV knock on a door. I don't discourage it because I want him to let me know when someone is there.
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    Around here there are a lot of Heelers and Australian Sheepdogs that ride in the backs of pickups or on welding trucks. Mostly great little fellers when they are running around on the ground; wouldn't even think of trying to pet one when it's on the truck. Generally stay back at least double what I think the reach is. Circumstances can make a big difference in behavior.
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    Mine barks at everyone (except me) that comes to the door, even if it's open and she can see through the glass. She isn't aggressive though; after they open the door she drives them crazy seeking attention & pats. I don't mind this behavior at all.

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    mine's the same way, full window storm door barks at everything that goes by. but only lets out the alert, warning bark when we get solicitors (adults) or random workers. My wife has said he's really protective when I'm not home. i actually don't mind, he's quick to listen so it's never been an issue.

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