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Thread: Indoor dog beds?

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    Senior Member Mike Peters-labguy23's Avatar
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    Feb 2003


    My wife is not real excited about putting all that hair into our washing machine and dryer. I would guess we could find a way to collect most of the hair before we wash them.
    Mike Peters

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    Senior Member Leslie B's Avatar
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    Jul 2009
    Luck, Wi


    I vote for the Kundra dog beds. My dogs love them and they can be sprayed down with a hose in the yard or wiped down with a cloth. I have the heavy material and it holds up for years, does not catch any dog hair, and does not retain any dog odors.

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    Senior Member Pam Spears's Avatar
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    Western Colorado


    I am intrigued with the Kuranda beds but not excited about how they would look in the family room, LOL. We have 2 Kong brand beds that have held up nicely, better than anything else we've tried from local suppliers, and the covers do come off for washing. I take them outside and knock them against the chain link to help get the hair off before washing them.
    Sunshine Joliet Jake, "Jake," SH, RN, CGC, WDX
    Roughwater Stacked & Packed, "Babe" JH, CD, RN, CGC, WDQ

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