Zinger Crates-Are they any good?
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Thread: Zinger Crates-Are they any good?

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    Default Zinger Crates-Are they any good?

    Does anyone have any info on Zinger Dog crates? I'm looking for new travel crates-would like some opinions.

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    They look good, but they are tall. I considered buying them then found some used Ainley crates. When I was looking they came "knocked down" and shipped in a box, you assemble it.

    Check to see how tall they are, if you have a cab height truck topper and a drawer unit they may be too tall.
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    My uncle has a couple. They are solid and light weight. Cost a bunch but they are really nice.

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    We have two. They are solid, well built, well designed. Ours are fastened together for stability and ride in the back of a large Ford pickup with a tall topper. I like the locking doors. They are much bigger than any other crates I've seen. Maybe not quite as safe for the dogs in a wreck (more opportunity to roll around in such a large area) but it's nice for them when they have to spend all day in there, plenty of room to lay all the way over on their sides and sleep. Pricey though
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    I have had two for several years and I like them a lot. Purchased these when I had a dog that had torn up numerous plastic and wire crates. While he scratched up the finish and made some of the round holes "not so round" with his nails, he never got out of it. They are large and tall as previously stated but I think they have more than one size now. The lock is high quality. Also stated previously is that they come disassembled in a flat box but are relatively easy to assemble and once together I have never had to replace nuts or re-tighten. They are first rate, high quality and I would purchase them again.

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    I like mine. Not as high grade as the KustomKrates I had built-but it doesnt need to be- those were overkill! ... Only complaint is assembly by myself was tricky. I like it i powder coated and doesnt stain my yellow dog. I understand they are more pricy now than when I bought about two-three years ago.
    I like it big- my big males fit comfortably in there----
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