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Thread: Shed Antler Training

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    After about a week she knows what find a bone means, we started out fetching and I released her on find a bone, the I start telling her to sit and stay and I would walk away and place the antler on the ground, mind you she is watching, I then come back to her and send her after it. I am now starting to take a antler and place 3-4 shirts on the ground and hide it under one of them, making her use her nose some. Does anyone have any other good learning games I can use at this stage jus to keep things new and keep challenging her?

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    i bought some of the wax and gave it a try, it helped with his nose but he is wondering what that smell is. this will be our second year trying this. I play a game and put him in garage and then hide antler and then let him out with command find the bone, he goes nuts looking. I need to take him out in the field and give it a try with the wax

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