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Guest Post: Tea Partiers Should Vote To Defeat Obama

Written By:
Perry Schumacher
Oct 25, 2012

Two weeks remain before the most important election in our lifetime. As tea party members we have much at stake. Recently while on a talk show I was asked how I would respond to the statement that Mitt Romney is not conservative enough. I responded that I believe tea party members donít live in the world of theory but rather facts and logic.

Some of the facts are:

  1. In 2010 the tea party had a direct effect on the rejection of the Obama agenda. It was because of the energy of the tea party that Republicans won a historical election in the House of Representatives. Most of the newly elected Republicans ran on the principles of the tea party. Allen West is one of many who have become a favorite of tea party members This tsunami of an election removed Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House.
  2. Republicans also picked up seats in the Senate with strong tea party favorites Ron Johnson in Wisconsin, Mike Lee of Utah, and Mike Crapo in Idaho winning.
  3. We have been told since 2010 that Republican control of the House is only 1/3 of the Government and therefore very little can be done fiscally while control of the Senate and the Executive branch is in the hands of Democrats.
  4. While there may exist some Democrats who believe in fiscal responsibility (there must be one somewhere), it is absolutely certain this wonít happen under the current leadership of the Democratic Party. Obama, Reid, and Pelosi are not your grandfatherís Democrats. Only if a new generation of Democrats comes to the forefront will fiscal restraint and limited government be part of their platform. Currently a continued slide towards socialism is the preference of Democrats at a national level.
  5. The choice of Paul Ryan as Romneyís VP candidate was a bold choice and hopefully a signal to tea party members that Romney is serious about the fiscal challenges facing our country. Ryan says often on the campaign that the Romney administration will not duck the tough issues but instead will lead, that they will reapply constitutional principles to the scope of government.

Together, we have worked for 3 years to reach the point where President Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi are defeated and repudiated. I ask, have you done absolutely all you can do over the past few months to make this happen? Will you put in extra effort over these last 13 days to assure the results we all know are necessary to have any chance to save America as we know it? Will you be able to look in the mirror the morning after the election and tell yourself regardless of result that you did everything you possibly could to give America a fighting chance to once again achieve itís intended destiny?

We all know from history politicianís rhetoric does not always lead to the promised activity. President Obama promised to fundamentally change the United States of America and is in the process of doing so. He must be defeated, Harry Reidís leadership in the Senate must be defeated, and we must give Romney/Ryan the keys to the car.

When we started this journey our goal was to elect people to federal and state offices who recognize the seriousness of our fiscal situation and were willing to solve these problems rather than continue to kick the can down the road. We wanted people who are more concerned with the future of America than their reelection. The defeat of this administration and itís fellow comrades is a must to continue that journey.

As Winston Churchill might have said, ďThe defeat of President Obama is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.Ē We must all do everything possible in the time remaining to give America and our children a chance at a new beginning. Let us do what we can to make sure Obama and his fellow Democrats lose every county in our state on November 6th. Then we will turn our focus to those newly in charge and say to themno excuses.

Perry Schumacher is the executive director of the North Dakota Tea Party Caucus.