Style Part 2: Examples
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Thread: Style Part 2: Examples

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    Default Style Part 2: Examples

    Just Noticed and scanned the thread "Definition of Style" Many of the posts said "You know it when you see it"
    So give an example of the dog currently running your circuit who best exhibits STYLE

    I have to mention that the recently departed Dusty had STYLE in spades
    As for a dog currently running in my circuit I would mention John Gialondis's dog Gypsy as being one who I always make a point to try to watch run

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    Midnight Shooter III O/H by Pat/Deb Nicholls...just turned 4 and is out of that Saber x Ruby litter, just needs a win and should be the first of his litter to title...been fortunate to train in a group with him and watch him run up close..He seems to glide smoothly effortlessly without disturbing too much ground..looks like he has another gear but have not seen Pat have to tap the reserve yet...He will win soon,too talented, and has a National caliber owner/handler

    another dog that I thought had style before he hit the big time was Guide, saw him run shortly after Sherwin got him and he was impressive

    another dog who a couple of years ago had the most explosive water entry is FC AFC CFC CAFC Runnin's Molly B, when she hit the water it was like and olympic swimmer leaving the blocks launching herself and swimming as soon as her feet hit the water
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    Thumbs up Style is very important

    I believe that style is something that is not judged in the retriever and something from my consideration of what should of evolution the sport, including it as in the case of the pointer. Being very fond the pointer as I am to labs , the style is something I give so much importance. I've seen big dogs walking with their tail dead by example and that takes away all the pleasure of seeing them unlike a dog happy and safe walking by demonstrating that well carried tail and rabeo.
    I pass a video of my labrador Nikon, by NFCH EBA, he is a dog with style as you can see retriving a quad mark and a blind in 4 PM hot and warm day.

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    Oscar, Nikon does have style!
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