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that would suck, I very much like lawn sales they are a Vermont tradition.
The question that sparked this case. Why was the Thiland kid able to buy the $300 U.S. textbooks in Thiland for only $100? We are constantly gouged here. Totaly overcharged 'cause product makers know we will pay it. Just like when Bernie Sanders brought bus loads of seniors to Canada to buy drugs. Drugs made right here. Drugs that were 1/3rd of the cost if purchased in the great white north instead of here. Why? Was that book maker loosing money printing and shipping a book and selling it for $200 less, than if you walked into the front door of the factory?
If I need to buy a new pool part from Hayward I can not drive less than a mile from my house to the place where it is made to purchase the part. I pass that place several times a day.
This is where it gets crazy. It is much cheaper to buy the part that is manufactured a mile from my house on the internet and have it shipped from another state than buy it at a local pool supply store.
So I save a lot of money because the part goes half way around the country and back rather than traveling less than one mile. What a waste of energy!