I think you should read that article with eyes wide open. Try it again... this time.... imagine using this thought process:

Oct26, 2012 Delphi completes acquisition of FCI (FCI related to Bain).... Check the dates. Romney no longer works for Bain and hasn't for quite some time.

Delphi’s stockholders—the Romneys included—had one easy way to rectify the harm to these pensioners, much as GM did for its workers: just pay up. I bought Ford stock at $2.22/share at the bottom of the crash. I made a little cha ching on the deal. Does that make me a bad person???? And at what point would I have any say in what Ford does with their company???? NONE...Just a stockholder. That's it. I don't sit on their BOD, I don't hold an office within their organization.

The public has no idea how much the Romneys profited from shipping these jobs to China, since Willard Mitt Romney won't release his 2009 tax returns.
The Romney's did not ship jobs to China. If Delphi did... that's them, not him..... see point #2 above.

There are plenty of things to complain about without hyped up claims and overblown crap-o-la.