OK, so as you think the chosen one is some sort of hero, tell me why I have any reason to vote for someone who has trashed me for playing by the rules?

A few examples: cash for clunkers.. Why is my hard earned money buying someone else a new car??? I had 2 clunkers according to him but they both missed by 1 mpg. Uh???
I get soaked in federal income taxes yet I buy someone a car?????
A friend on the west coast should be foreclosed on due to nonpayment. INsane as they just got 2 percent for 5 years and then 2.5 percent fixed for the rest of the loan. WHAT THE FUC*????? I pay extra on my mortgage every month and get screwed for doing that! They pay no costs for that refi yet if I want to go fixed I'll pay points etc even though I'm not behind and have paid down 75 K beyond the required payments.
F this crap.