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Thread: Hot spots ?

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    Default Hot spots ?

    My 2y/o blm is itching and chewing himself really bad until the point he loses hair and the skin is red and scabs up I've tired changing him to a grain free food about a week ago is there anything I can do to put on theses spots thanks for all your help

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    Corona ointment, stuff really heals sores better than neosporin. Dog may try to lick it off, work it in. Might try bathing him if its some sort of contact allergy...but i would expect some sort of pattern behind it (ex. Fido licks his legs raw each night after we train down at X slough)
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    We shave the hair around them keep them dry and used a product called Genta ved, its a topical spray. Towel dry really well after swimming.
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    Mix baby oil and listerine and put it on the hot spot. Works wonders.

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