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Thread: Bumper Boy Bird Baskets

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    Default Bumper Boy Bird Baskets

    I guess what I meant in my last post is: has anyone used bumper boy bird baskets, and how good are they. There is a previous post that they were good for pigeons but how good are they for ducks?

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    a duck is awful heavy... I don't think you're gonna get a good arc on a duck with a .22 blank. even the purple loads...
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    We got 3 bird baskets to try out. With a green loan, it will throw a duck about 15 yards with a height of about 7 feet. It is good enough for the short bird. Would not recommend over 100 yards.

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    Try a yellow or red .22 blank on that duck and see what kind of height and distance you get.
    Also, I hear that you get a better "duck" throw by using smaller ducks, such as a Wood Duck or Merganser.

    Let us know what you see, please.
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