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Thread: Marking drills

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    Default Marking drills

    My young PP isn't marking very well and I would like an idea on some drills that I can do alone to improve his marking. I do train with a group once a week this time of year so I am looking for lessons I can teach alone.

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    If your young PP not marking well, I don't thing my ol PP will either..
    sorry can't help it.
    Ahem..ok seriously. Start short distant on a short grass with white bumper. Gradually lengthen but still on bare grass so the white bumper is visible. Do a buncha this singles with varying distant. After hes good at this than you can go to taller grass and gradually add factors such as terrain or covers. Good luck.

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    I work with my pup on a simple marking drill that may help... if you have a fence with a gateway in it and short grass on either side of the fence you can stand in the gate way and throw a dummy on each side of the fence (not far) get him to mark them and send him... he will have to com back to the gate way where you are standing to go get the other. You can then get him to deliver the dummy and mark the other dummy on the opposite side of the fence. Simple drill i started mine off with and it seemed to work very well.

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    Without knowing where your pup is in training please take my advice with a grain of salt. Split Y drills seem to really improve most dogs marking. It is simply 3 marks thrown from the same station. One angled back, one angled in and one thrown in the opposite direction flat. No pressure at all but it will improve focus. Start short in putting green type cover and add distance and cover as your dog gets more proficient.
    Mark Land

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