Following Hillmann Puppy Program...Leash Pulling Advice?
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Thread: Following Hillmann Puppy Program...Leash Pulling Advice?

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    Default Following Hillmann Puppy Program...Leash Pulling Advice?

    I have a 13 week old BLF sired by Sailor and a MH dam. We are through day 5 of Hillmann’s puppy program and she is doing great so far…I think. She is WILD to retrieve and is sitting very well. My issue is that she constantly pulls on her leash, almost to the point of choking. She does pretty well on the lead in our short formal training sessions in an open field, but when I take her on walks around the neighborhood she constantly pulls. I have tried to correct this by stopping every time she pulls and resuming the walk when the leash goes slack, but it doesn’t seem to be working. How do I correct this? Do I stop progressing in the Hillmann program until the pulling problem is corrected, or continue on to day 6 and keep working getting her not to pull? I’m a first time trainer/lab owner and it’s exciting to see her progress. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    I doubt this is a problem caused by the Hillman method. I'd keep it up making sure to keep good obedience standards.

    For walks, I'd snap my wrist when I felt the lead go tight. This is all many puppies need. With others, I've gone to the prong collar. If you have to go to the prong collar only use it for your walks as your training sessions seem to be going fine. Pup does have to learn that he has to obey on walks and training sessions. At 13 weeks you don't really want to get on her, just use gentle tugs on the prong collar when the lead gets tight.
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    For simply walking on lead one of the best tricks is a Belly Loop with 6' leash. Works like a champ to teach a dog to walk at heel on lead. Very easy and easy on a puppy.
    Just clip 6' lead to flat collar and run it down the spine, wrap under belly behind ribs and back up to form a belly loop. Your control is now through light pressure applied to the belly and not the collar. You only need to pull up on the lead with one finger and the dog will jump back. When you first use it some dogs will spin a bit but don't worry.
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