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Thread: Ducks by the numbers---looking for harvest data by state

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    Willie, I'm just above you in Iowa. Got one last year and I did see 2 so far this year. Just say'...
    No Whiners!

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    If you want to shoot ducks go to Ar-Kansas, there are no ducks in Oklahoma.
    Gavin B.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blake_mhoona View Post
    they set the season for the different flyways. mississippi flyway gets a 60 day season the pacific flyway gets 100 day season

    arkansas has roughly 700,000 mallards harvested every year and 1.5 million ducks. no one comes close to the mallard harvest but it does look like california has taken a dip they are roughly tied with us for second in total ducks. Louisiana still has the lead.

    we are just a little more selective in our duck shooting
    I would be deadbroke if I tried to hunt 100 days, best I could do is 45 out of 60 in 2005. Selective is not shooting spoons,mergansers,and black jacks down here. By the time they get to us, they have seen and heard it all and some just give up.
    "Do more than is required of you"
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    been hunting arkansas since prenatal times... what is this mallard you speak of? Quit beliving all that field and stream crap.... ohio is where all the ducks are! travis
    When exactly is the off season?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustinS View Post
    Not really sure but SD does have a migration map and we are part of the prairie pot hole region, I am not sure about ND but as far as the US goes they normally have the greatest number of birds and the largest diversity of ducks in the US. maybe try

    DU has a duck migration map, for each state

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    Quote Originally Posted by i_willie12 View Post
    Missouri has no birds.... We maybe kill 2 a year!
    For reals! that is twice as many as I killed last year. No ducks here either. The one I shot was a sponnie headed for Missouri. Spoonies are easily confused

    Thanks to all for posting data. As a savvy hunter, I have learned not to freely give info. Years of scouting teaches a guy sompin---Loose lips sink ships. The article will give general info. for those new to the sport.

    BTW-- will be hunting this weekend somewhere in California.

    Take care, and thanks for the links.
    John Stroh, Lodi ca

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