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View Poll Results: Impeachment hearings before or after inauguration?

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Thread: Impeachment hearings before or after inauguration?

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    How about "I DON"T WANT PRES BIDEN"!!!?
    Any doctrine that weakens personal responsibility for judgment and for action helps create the attitudes that welcome and support the totalitarian state.
    (John Dewey)

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    (George Washington)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BonMallari View Post
    not gonna happen

    1. don't have the votes

    2. don't have enough proof

    3. American public wont put up with it

    unless you get someone like Hillary or Petraeus coming out and saying on the record that the Pres knew and gave the stand down order, they have nothing...leaked emails wont do it
    plus, as the "second black president" he is untouchable...
    Bill Davis

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    I hope the try and end up wasting billions and billions of dollars. why not, what else are they going to do with their time??? pass meaningfull laws???? lmao lol rofl

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Bora View Post
    special closed door criticism........
    The House Foreign Affairs Comm was holding open hearings. The House and Senate Intelligence Committees were holding closed hearings but...I think these hearings are always closed. IOW, there's nothing that even hints at impeachment.

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    This is simply another outrageous waste of the taxpayers' money!!!! They all have laptops! All the facts they need are readily available on RTF/POTUS!!

    “Don’t wave your phony patriotism in MY face! If you really love America, open your wallet and hire an American kid to build what you buy. Doug Fraser (paraphrased) 1980

    Real Americans buy American.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Bora View Post
    Do you think formal investigation hearings, “Impeachment”? By our House of Representatives will start before or after the inauguration? Remember, impeachment does not necessarily result in removal from office; it is only a legal statement of charges.
    What do you all think?
    Ken you might want to change the channel to something other than Fox "News" occasionally

    Actually it probably will not matter if you keep watching Fox; cause Im guessing they will quit pushing this BS story now that the election is over they have lost their "Fair & balanced" motive

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    Quote Originally Posted by HPL View Post
    How about "I DON"T WANT PRES BIDEN"!!!?
    Given the choice between Obama and Biden I take Biden. I think Uncle Joe would at least try to work with republicans.
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