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Thread: Check Cord

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    Default Check Cord

    I have been using a check cord on my 15 week old puppy because of a poor return and her wanting to run off. The last few days she has decided that the new game is to pick up the check cord and run it back to me. Im happy she returns, but she leaves the dummy. What can I do?

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    have your bird boy cry out "hey hey" and toss another bumper when she leaves the AOF with her rope.
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    Don't expect perfection as she is only a pup but be consistant. Does she now understand "Here"? Ken's right but I am thinking you can also start thinking collar conditioning and soon you can wean off the rope. Assuming your going to CC put the collar on her for a week before you start the conditioning. Follow your program might also be good advice. Just my opinion. Don

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    My Jackson was doing the exact same thing with the check cord this weekend. At first i though it was because it was getting in his way - step on it, or typical puppy ADD where he sees it dragging and gets interested, like when a leaf come flying by. He had been fine the last couple of times I used the check cord. Actually now that I think of it he has been grabbing his leash when walking as well. He is also teething like made. Sorry to hyjack your thread, just figured I'd chime in as seeing the same thing.

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    She doesnt know yet not to chew on the checkcord so thats where You come in.NO!! and gently take it out of her mouth.This isnt going to happen overnight.And if Your not using a Birdboy or thrower try to divert her away by throwing another bumper and hollering hey hey until the checkcord chewing is solved.
    By all means keep a cool head .Shes learning

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