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Thread: Questions about youths running Hunt Test

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    Go for it! And encourage your son! Another suggestion would be to find a club near where you live for him to join. Our club in Northeast Tennessee has several Junior Members. We do not charge a membership fee for our junior members. Other clubs may do the same or have a reduced fee. The friendships and mentoring he can experience are invaluable.

    One member in our club earned his Junior Hunter Title with his dog, and watching our club members rally around to watch their last Junior test was inspiring. Good luck!
    Trudie Kuka

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    Wow!! Thanks guys for all help and suggestions.

    NDK3819 & JustinS: I will be checking on those video's. Sounds like a great Christmas gift.

    Carol: We have joined our local HRC club and attended a few meetings, We have also joined the national AKC and HRC clubs.

    Carol & Fishduck: Great Pics, I hope to have some of those soon.

    HuntEmUp: We are planning to start with HRC.

    Goosebruce: Great Story!

    Again Thanks for all yalls comments, but by all means keep the helpful comments coming! All are apprciated!

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    Thomas Kielty, I believe he's 15, has been running dogs for a while. He's had handling experience in several Master Nationals now and got his first plate this year in Alabama! Notg only is this a great way to spend time with his dad, but it also give him confidence and experience dealiingwith all us old people...a skill that will certainly be appreciated when he sets out in his adult life.

    Good luck to your son!
    When it stops being fun, I will find something else to do with my time and money.

    The Lady

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    There is/was a very talented young lady that passed the HRC Grand with her dog as well at the tender age of 12yrs. We have hosted youngsters at the seasoned level as young as 8-9yrs (a girl and a boy), their main problem is being able to shoulder the gun. They solved it by bringing their own modified 870. At the Started level, we have had them as young as 4 yrs old, with no help but with an advanced level trained dog.

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    That is awesome my boys are 6 and 1. They both love the dogs and the 1 year old always wants to hold the leash. Sounds like your son has already built a great bond with pup and is doing great. Take him to a started test and cut him loose. Then when he gets that first ribbon make sure you have your camera ready and go nuts with the camera. Then post them on RTF. Good luck to you and your son.
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    A friend of mine's 13 yo daughter spends all summer with me being my "assistant". She cleans, feeds, throws birds, does some obedience, and most importantly, trains her dog WITH me!! She has been doing this with her daddy since she was abt 9 and almost 3 yrs ago got her very own pup. She ran him up through his HR title. Her daddy bought her her very own pint sized 870 so she could shoulder the gun on the line too. To this day, I believe the dog weighs more than she does!! (He is a BIG boy but she aint very big) She has since talked daddy into a "new" pup more her size and has been helping daily with everything form puppy ob to ff. She has been running HRC HTs for 3 yrs now...if they wanna run hell, let em!! You just cant duplicate the feeling when the little ones pass!!
    Joe Overby
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    Here was Ty, my son, this past summer running Rose. Ty was 8 at the time.
    Ty Rose Water.jpgTy0033.jpg
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    If only I had been introduced to this sport at the age of 12 years old...but was this sport around when I was 12??? I doubt it!
    I love to watch the kids work their dogs, and have had several young people run JH when I'm judging...they are the future of our sport!
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    I think you're doing a great thing.
    Joe Dickerson

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